Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations

For this project I was Lead Artist, my duties including planning, design, and implementation of levels; as well as highpoly and finished lowpoly props for interactions. Below are some samples of my level work, and some highlighted props.

at_title_screenat_bc_int at_ck_ext_01
at_ck_ext_02at_dlc_ck_ext at_dlc_machine at_dlc_wk at_fk_core at_gl_river at_gl_snowat_wc_chamber at_ik_ninja at_marcy_house at_mm_house at_pb_int at_th_bathat_th_extat_wc_sewerat_secret_rm

Individual Props

at_swordsat_sm_propsat_machineat_metal_props at_guitar

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